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Our electric foldable bikes are affordable, high in quality and come with Warranties on many differerent aspects of the bikes, so you can be assured you won't be dissapointed with purchasing an E-City Cycle. The new 2021 version of the e-city cycle that will be launched in May will be UK road legal!  All of our (16 inch) wheel based E-bikes are assembled in the UK. This is one of the most stylish looking models of E-bikes on the market and offers the perfect solution to avoiding congested commuting in and out of cities. The e-city cycle is suitable for all genders and anyone over the age of 14 to ride. Our bikes can tackle hills with ease, being able to climb a 25 degree gradient with electric assistance. These e-bikes can travel up to 40km in pure electric mode and upto 60km in assisted electric mode depending on temperature, gradients and rider weight. They work on a twist and go throttle, with automatic gear changes. For cyclists who want to build their fitness, originally hills may put them off riding to work. With our assisted electric mode, it allows commuters to tackle hills with assistance. This proves our model bike is suitable for all ages and different levels of fitness. With just a 3 hour charge time in a folded or non-folded position this model e-bike can be charged almost anywhere. Not many other e-bikes carry the amount of weight this bike also offers, it takes upto 120kg in weight. All of our E-bikes are CE certified. Out e-bikes have a IP rating of ip54 meaning you can ride in rain showers and through small puddles no issue. All our E-bikes come with a instruction manual on how to assemble them correctly. It is important to know that in temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius the battery will perform 20% less, below 0 degrees celsius 30% less. To ensure as much battery life as possible in cold temperatures, please ride the bike at a consistent speed.